Comparing Games at Las Vegas and Pennsylvania Casinos

Pennsylvania is the second highest state in terms of gross gaming revenue. It is behind only Nevada. There are many differences between the casino markets that pertain to resort amenities and size of properties. There are fewer differences on the casino floor. Here are a few.

Pennsylvania casinos must offer minimum blackjack rules

The biggest difference is the blackjack. In Pennsylvania, minimum blackjack rules are mandated to pay 3:2, stand on soft 17 and allow late surrender. Nevada has no such requirement. Las Vegas Strip casinos pay 6:5 at 62% of the tables that we found in our 2021 Las Vegas Blackjack Survey.

All blackjack tables under $50 hits soft 17 in Las Vegas. It often takes $100 or more to get a blackjack game that stands on soft 17 anywhere in Las Vegas. Most casinos away from the Strip have no tables with that rule. 

Video poker equal between Pennsylvania and Las Vegas Strip casinos 

Pennsylvania casinos typically have pay tables that are in the 97% range. That is about where Las Vegas Strip casinos are, especially at lower limits. Mount Airy has 9/6 Jacks or Better at $2, $5 and $10, as well as a few other 99% games. We found 9/6 Double Double Bonus in a few Pennsylvania casinos at higher limits. This is comparable to the Las Vegas Strip. However, the locals and downtown markets in Las Vegas rank much higher. 

Table games dealt in Pennsylvania not available in Las Vegas

There are a few table games dealt at Pennsylvania casinos that are not available at any Las Vegas ones. Cajun Stud is offered at both Hollywood Casinos and Parx. That game is like Mississippi Stud. Wind Creek deals Caribbean Stud, a game missing in Las Vegas since the pandemic. 

Criss Cross Poker is available at nine Pennsylvania casinos. Four Card Poker is at eight. Sic Bo has tables at Live! Philadelphia and Wind Creek. 

Down Under Blackjack and Spanish 21 are dealt at several Pennsylvania casinos. None of these games are dealt in Las Vegas. 

All Pennsylvania craps tables pay double on field 12 roll

All 15 Pennsylvania casinos deal craps. All pay double on 12 on the field. About half the casinos in Las Vegas pay triple on 12 on the field. 

Pai gow poker still mostly Fortune in Pennsylvania

Face Up Pai Gow Poker has taken over most tables for pai gow poker in Las Vegas. Only one of the 13 Pennsylvania casinos with pai gow poker has Face Up exclusively. Eight do not have Face Up Pai Gow Poker at all. Those eight casinos have Fortune Pai Gow Poker or a no commission version with a house hand like queen-high automatically pushing. 

Pennsylvania casinos are spread apart

If your luck runs poorly at one Pennsylvania casino, and you would like to change it up by going to a different one, that requires a long drive. All are miles apart. That is not always a bad thing though. In Las Vegas, casinos often share a property line.

Pennsylvania has more online gaming options

Online casinos in Pennsylvania are legal and licensed. Games like slots, video poker, blackjack, baccarat and craps may be played on those sites. Sports bettors can create a mobile betting account in Pennsylvania from a device from their home without having to go to a casino. In Nevada, licensed online casinos are not available. Sports bettors must go to a casino to create a mobile betting account. 

Triple zero roulette is illegal in Pennsylvania

Triple zero roulette has taken over the Las Vegas Strip. It has even found its way into a few downtown and locals casinos. Pennsylvania does not permit triple zero roulette. All roulette games in the state must be single zero or double zero.

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